How to choose right manufacturer of NdFeB magnet from china

1. Experienced manufacturer.

NdFeB magnet is widely in servo motor, linear motor, brushless motor, voice coil motor, PM generator, magnetic separator, lifting, toys, speaker etc. Some products need high Br, some need high Hcj while others need low temperature coefficients.

2. Manufacturer with good test machines.

Lots of NdFeB products’ performance is not easy to see by eyes and every production flow will effect the finished magnet's quality . So It need A wide variety of test equipment,such as HAST tester , PCT tester , Salt spray tester etc.

3. Manufacturer 's control of production flow.

NdFeB magnet is core part of your product , so the supplier need to have the capability of offering high consistence magnesia’s performance, so as to keeping the better quality of your product . Lean production flow could ensure the quality of finished NdFeB magnet.

4. Manufacturer 's R&D capability.

NdFeB Magnet has been developed from 1982 . So it has many Potential of reduce producing cost and improve product's quality , such as used new raw material , Optimization of production processes etc.

5. Manufacturer 's service capability.

To see whether the supplier could accept DDP terms and offered Language etc.

6. Manufacturers after-processing capability.

NdFeB Magnet has a great variety of after-processing . So this capability could ensure whether supplier could ship your order on time.

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